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Hiking the Rocky Mountains in Colorado with my son. I’m slow, but he is patient with me. ❤

A go-to mish-mash site filled with information that (mostly!) centers around living a life with pain. (And I don’t mean your significant other…unless they fit the bill.) Fortunately for you, we will be talking about that on here from time to time. If you have a request for a subject, please send me a note and let me know! I’ll be happy to write about something you are struggling with, or wondering about. Click here to send me an email with your questions or requests. Thanks!

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So Sorry!

I admit, I’ve been quite absent lately. Blogging has not been a priority for me these past few weeks. I promise I haven’t forgotten and I will get back to it soon. Life happens, and it has been happening like crazy lately! See you all soon, Kilee

Pressing On

It’s hard to reconcile. I won’t lie. It’s tough. Definitely one of those things you really have to want more than anything. People like to call it “starting over” but it isn’t. You already have a history. It doesn’t magically go away just because you decide you want to change things and save your relationship.   … Continue reading Pressing On


I’ve entered a stage in my relationship where we are working on reconciliation. Wow, that is a tough word. It’s long, hard to spell, and extremely difficult to do. Where do you begin? How do you start when you decide you want to reconcile with your significant other? Do you start over? Should you continue … Continue reading Reconciliation

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