Fibromyalgia – Things I Hate

Fibromyalgia: Why it sucks

Most people who know me would not be aware that I have the fibromyalgia pain problems I do. I am not one for complaining – much. I’ve learned that 1) it only makes me feel worse, 2) no one really cares to hear me whine and 3) it doesn’t change anything.

Isolation: Why Do We Do It?

The mental and physical toll fibromyalgia pain takes on a person is extremely taxing, and often takes all of your focus. Trying to interact with others, even when they want to help, is too much. Our brains are already on overload, and asking us to take in any more details might be the push that sends us over the edge.

Getting away from people is our way of coping. Sometimes that literally means complete isolation. Sometimes we use a distraction – I color in the dorky adult coloring books. There are days I sit for hours, coloring non-stop because it is the only way I can keep my mind off of the pain I am in.

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‘Don’t Worry About Me, I Got This’

Ok, there are plenty of times I downplay it simply because I don’t like sounding like a wimp all the time. In reality I should ask for help, or at least admit I’m hurting. I’d feel like a broken record if I did that though, am I right?! Seriously, it is hard not to feel like a burden to everyone. “I really hurt today.” Next day, “I really hurt today.” Next day, “I really hurt today.” And on and on. There will never be a day that I don’t hurt.

I’m going to repeat that. THERE WILL NEVER BE A DAY I DON’T HURT. That is why I rarely say anything about my fibromyalgia pain, because I always hurt. So yes, I always need help with things. I don’t need to ask or let you know because I always hurt, every day. EVERY. DAY.

I hope this has been a fun yet informative reminder to all of those that love us. We need you to help. We need your support. We need your encouragement. We need your strength. Don’t wait for us to ask. It never goes away. For most of us that have Fibromyalgia, we have bad days and worse days. Rarely can we say we have a good day.

Thank you and amen.


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