Being Real

So today isn’t anything written in a story line or as a feeling. Today is just real. It’s been tough lately. I’ve been unable to slow my thoughts down and I feel like a train wreck waiting to happen. I’m messing up in my work, my marriage is falling apart, I can’t keep up with my blogs, I’m not sleeping, and I can’t seem to focus at all. I know this means I am heading towards a breakdown, but life still happens and I have responsibilities I can’t let go of.

I see that dark well coming but I can’t stop it. Days like these I literally wonder if I am losing my mind. I try to stay focused on positive things, but there is so much clutter inside my brain that I can’t keep them in focus. I am tired. So very tired. Physically, mentally and emotionally. I wonder how much I have left before I run out of sanity?

So those are my thoughts for the day. I will get back to writing more, I promise. I need to. It helps me to write about my life. Things just get so busy and you forget about yourself and you get lost. I am definitely lost.



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