Raising Boys

My friend showed me this saying the other day, “Boy Mom. Less drama than girls but harder to keep alive.” We both have 3 boys and wow is that saying true! I had boys that were loud and rambunctious so whenever I heard silence, believe me I started running!

Like the time they were playing in their room and got really quiet. I went running and they told me when I got in there they had discovered science! They were so excited. Until I found out science meant sticking a metal barrette in the outlet. My heart stopped and I thought I was going to faint. I explained to them that while discovering science is very cool and I’m happy they’re doing that, sticking metal things in an outlet is a really bad idea!

Or the time I caught them climbing the antenna pole and sitting up on top of the roof. They weren’t even school-age yet. Oh yes, and the time I bought them beginner bow and arrows after threatening their lives not to shoot them at each other, caught them shooting them at each other. Yeah that was the last of the bow and arrows forever.

Raising boys as a single mom is tough, but as you watch them grow into young men and start lives of their own you wonder, how in the world did I make that happen? My three boys have turned out to be wonderful and respectful young gentleman, and I am very proud of them! I am sure they were trying to kill me while they were growing up but I survived and they did too.

So if you’re raising boys alone, trust me, you will survive it! It might take a lot of broken bones and stitches, but eventually they get through it alive!


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